Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Queenstown’s Spectacular Winter Fireworks Celebrations Return

The skies above Queenstown will light up on Saturday 13th July with the return of Queenstown’s 2024 Winter Fireworks hosted by DFS Queenstown.

The resorts iconic winter celebration is tailored for family friendly experiences under the banner ‘Ignite the Night’ that will see thousands of locals and visitors descend on Queenstown’s downtown waterfront area to enjoy fun activities, alongside resort-style food truck offerings. The evening will culminate with a dazzling fireworks display over Queenstown Bay.

The winter fireworks extravaganza is a cherished highlight on Queenstown’s seasonal event calendar having been a tradition for over 40 years with attendees revelling in the festivities.DFS Queenstown, a part of the world’s leading luxury travel retailer DFS group, is hosting the iconic event for a second consecutive year.

“DFS Queenstown is committed to delivering destination within destination experiences, inviting all to ‘Ignite the Night’ and exemplifying the DFS’ unwavering commitment to curating unforgettable moments for locals and travellers alike,” says Prashant Suresh Mahboohani, Vice President of Retail Operations, Oceania, DFS. “DFS is committed to the Queenstown community and will continue to strive and create exciting reasons for people to visit this remarkable destination.”

As part of the one-day celebrations on Saturday 13th July, 2024, DFS Queenstown is planning an array of family friendly activities in the store from 11am onwards. The luxury travel retailer will offer unique shopping privileges to reinforce DFS Queenstown’s ties to the local community. Shoppers are encouraged to visit the store for music, exciting giveaways and entertainment for the whole family before heading down to Queenstown Bay at 6.30pm for an elevated fireworks display that will ignite the night sky under a magnificent lake and mountain backdrop.

Queenstown’s 2023 Winter Fireworks – Still Vision Photography

DFS Queenstown offers a standout repertoire of global luxury brands alongside a myriad of collaborations with made-in-New Zealand brands. Beyond the ‘Ignite the Night’ festivities, the store has a range of local brand collaborations and shopping privileges planned to create more innovative offerings throughout the 2024 winter season.