Friday, June 14, 2024


Queenstown has incredibly dark skies due to the low levels of light pollution and Skyline, surrounded by snow capped mountains, is in a rare and unique position for people wanting to “dip into the mystical world of the night sky and access this hidden gem,” according to general manager Lyndon Thomas.

Stargazing tours take guests to a specially-constructed platform high above the Skyline complex where state-of-the-art telescopes reveal everything from the stunning Southern Cross to planets, the Milky Way and even far flung galaxies.  Professional stargazing guides provide an expert insight into the night show interspersed with fascinating Maori legend. “The view from Skyline is out of this world and as the centre of our galaxy sits right above us in the winter months, it’s a spectacular show,” says Lyndon. “Stargazing has grown so much in popularity we’ve now introduced a second viewing platform.” He says one of the bonuses of taking a stargazing tour at Skyline in winter is the chance to see Saturn in all its glory. “The detail through the telescopes is truly remarkable with the fine rings of rock and dust clearly visible creating a perfect circle around the shining planet. It is sights like this that make stargazing in Queenstown an experience that is both breath-taking and highly memorable.” Stargazers and other visitors can enjoy the aptly named Stratosfare Bar & Restaurant in the Skyline Queenstown complex. “The restaurant offers a tailored dining experience, with almost all the cooking taking place front-of-house where guests can interact with our chefs,” says Lyndon. “It’s an outstanding dining experience providing superb food accompanied by world-class alpine views.”