Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Raising Funds through Nana’s Baking

Carolyn Nicoll, and her team , has just completed a wonderful, new recipe book called Nana’s Baking that is now on sale raising important funds for at Breast Cancer Research.

Nana’s Baking recipe book is filled with old time favourites like Belgium Biscuits, Shortbread and Ginger Crunch that are ideal for home bakers and families to bake and enjoy. Carolyn says one of the unique features of the book is that women who have survived breast cancer have put their own recipe’s forward in an effort to raise funds and research awareness.

She says the group are selling the books for $20.00 each on ” We all know someone who has had breast cancer or is currently facing it and we want to do our upmost to find a cure. We appreciate people supporting the cause by purchasing one of these new books.”