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Queenstown Lakes District Mayor Jim Boult Endorses Greatest Needs Fund

The Wakatipu Greatest Needs Fund, established by the Wakatipu Community Foundation in response to the Covid-19 crisis to help support the district’s most vulnerable residents, has drawn strong endorsement from Queenstown Lakes District Mayor Jim Boult.

“Unprompted, this fund has been set up and spearheaded by well-known fundraiser Kaye Parker and a specially formed, hardworking grants committee,” said Mayor Boult. “They have worked tirelessly since the country went into lockdown to seek funds from private donors in our community before launching an appeal today for further donations.”

He said the Greatest Needs Fund will help address central government funding gaps and will assist the most vulnerable or worst affected by Covid-19 in the community.

All grants will be channelled through agencies and charities such as The Salvation Army, Happiness House and Central Lakes Family Services so they can continue their invaluable work supporting people in the Wakatipu who are struggling with everyday life as a result of the pandemic.

“To date almost $427,000 has been raised and already grants of more than $150,000 have been approved to front line organisations in Queenstown.”

Mayor Boult is encouraging people locally to support the fundraising campaign if they can.

“We are all too aware that many will not be in a position to support the fund because of the difficult circumstances they currently find themselves in and there is, of course, no expectation that they should donate. We would however suggest that people follow the Greatest Needs Fund website to discover what is happening at the coalface locally and those that are able to can make donations ranging from $5 up to a maximum of $1000 through the site.”

“Personally I am extremely grateful for the generous contributions which are being made at all levels,” he said. “To bring some relief to those most affected and to share our resources during this extremely difficult time reflects the generosity Queenstown people are renowned for.”