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Proactive and Preventive

As a keen adventure racer, cyclist and recreational touch rugby player, Lisa Bates walks the talk and is passionate about sharing her knowledge through her visionary business, Form Imaging.

Recently opened in the Five Mile shopping centre the company offers comprehensive orthopaedic imaging for bone density and full body composition using Queenstown’s first 3D DEXA body scanner.

“DEXA is the worldwide ‘gold standard’ diagnostic tool from the US that detects bone disorders such as osteoporosis. Until now this screening service has only been available in Dunedin and Invercargill,” says Lisa.

“A big part of my motivation was making access easier for this type of non-urgent medical scanning in Queenstown, particularly for elderly, retired folk and those who can’t take too much time off work or be away from family to travel.”

Originally from the West Coast, Lisa’s extensive career as an imaging technologist has seen her work in public hospitals and private practice in London where she met her husband while adventure racing in Scotland. After moving to New Zealand and Queenstown Lisa has taken on roles at the Lakes District Hospital and Pacific Radiology.

She has a Bachelor of Health Science in Medical Imaging and while living in London completed a post graduate Diploma in Sports Rehabilitation and Training at St Mary’s Hospital.

“I like this field of medicine because if you catch someone before they become osteoporotic you can prevent future life-threatening fractures. There are ways to increase bone density to maintain quality of life and pain free movement,” she says.

“No one knows what their bone density is or the likelihood of developing osteoporosis until they have the preventative scan done. Normally the first indication of weak bones is breaking one when you shouldn’t, so being proactive is the key.”

Medical guidelines recommend all woman over 65 and men over 70 should be scanned but Lisa says other risk factors can trigger earlier testing.

“Factors such as menopause, body disorders or low calcium absorption indicate the need for scanning. You can ask your GP or specialist for a referral and then choose the public system or come to see us at Form Imaging.”

Form Imaging is a Southern Cross Health Society affiliated provider and works with other health insurers.

Lisa says it’s exciting to help people take control of their health.

“I really enjoy interacting with clients and explaining their bone density graph results. A comprehensive report is sent to their GP for further consultation. It’s about people staying active, reducing incidence of osteoporotic fractures and having a better quality of life.”