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Fresh Dynamic Sales Approach at Sotheby’s

Sarah McBride and Sarena Glass have brought a fresh dynamic to the Queenstown property market with their personable, open approach to selling real estate.

Working under the New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty (NZSIR) umbrella, they have drawn on their collective skills to create a formidable team with a long-term commitment to the industry.

“This is not a lifestyle choice for us,” says Sarah. “We are both driven and career focused and want to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.”

The pair have had a working relationship for several years, initially in NZSIR’s luxury rental homes business, and their complementary backgrounds work well.

“My training is in valuation and sales while Sarah’s skills lie in marketing and sales, “says Sarena. “Clients can feel comfortable that we have all the bases covered and will provide them with an exclusive service whether they are buying or selling.”

While they will consider listing properties across the board their databases are more suited to the middle to high-end market.

“We both have wide networks and of course access to the NZSIR referral network is invaluable. We are not interested in accumulating endless listings, rather we want to focus on a tight, manageable portfolio and this is reflected in the significant sales of luxury lifestyle homes we have recently achieved.”

Working as a team one or other is always available for clients.

“Clients come from all over – from Queenstown, Auckland, Sydney and further afield,” says Sarah. “They know that we will deal with them exclusively and we are always very honest with our feedback.”

With their refreshing down-to-earth style, combined with the support of the strong Sotheby’s brand and its international reach, Sarah and Sarena are stamping their mark on the Queenstown property market –evidenced by testimonials from satisfied clients.