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Eyeing International Trends

Southern Lakes specialist optometrists Ocula competes on a global level providing distinctive eyewear from a curated collection of leading international brands.

Owner and managing director Danielle Ross says the diverse range of frame styles found at their eyewear boutiques in Queenstown and Wanaka are designed to allow people to make a confident fashion statement.

“Rather than mass-produced, factory-made frames we aim to present a collection of international brands and unique pieces, many of which are handcrafted. Time tells true value for money and although it may cost a little more upfront, investing in a quality piece of eyewear will be true to the buyer over time. Noone ever regrets investing in quality.”

Danielle, whose specialty is paediatriccare and the niche specialisation of behavioural optometry, works alongside the rest of her team to match customers to their perfect frames, based on their specific needs and desired aesthetics.

“Often we will have people come into our Queenstown and Wanaka stores to buy an artisan frame while they are on holiday as they have the time, feel relaxed and their partner or family members are around to help them choose.”

She says eyewear can be a souvenir purchase for some visitors, a special item they might not find elsewhere.

“We travel and curate collections from around the worldandlook for designers that have a point of difference, a unique element such as the materials they work with. This could be anything from precious  jewels and metals or Japanese titanium to Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, American buffalo horn or the unique vintage look of Moscot from New York, the Californian ease of Garret Leight or the French chic of Anne et Valentin.”

Other brands available at Ocula include Danish line Lindberg, icBerlin from Germanyand GoodGryf, an exciting New Zealand brand created in Tauranga.

Eyewear of the rich & famous

American eyewear label Tom Ford, known for its uncanny ability to pre-empt fashion, is stocked exclusively in Queenstown and Wanaka at Ocula.

Managing director Danielle Ross says the each pair of Tom Ford glasses features the elegant metal‘T’, an unmistakable icon of the brand.

“Its style merges contemporary and vintage influences resulting in statement frames that are both unique and glamorous,”she says. “This is the luxury eyewear brand of the rich and famous – from George Clooney to Lady Gaga. Daniel Craig aka James Bond wears Tom Ford sunglasses whileJennifer Aniston’s favourites are the Tom Ford Whitney.”