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Designer Solar Power Specialists

Cromwell-based solar energy specialist Infinite Energy is focused on providing design integrated solar power systems that successfully merge with buildings and ensure an appealing aesthetic for homes and commercial properties in Central Otago and the Southern Lakes.

General manager Regan Heal says the company supplies bespoke solar power systems that blend with buildings rather than “appearing to be tacked on as an afterthought”.

“We identified an opportunity in the marketplace for design-integrated solar power systems but the look of them could be a barrier for some customers, for while they liked the concept and the savings on the power bills, the aesthetic didn’t appeal. Therefore, we attempt to balance optimised output and aesthetics because we feel no amount of extra power justifies turning your biggest asset into an eyesore.”

Regan says they gather as much information as possible from a potential client on their power use and the reasons they want solar for their property to get the best outcome.

“Each design and system we build is treated as bespoke to that property and its energy use and needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. It’s part of being independent and local and it allows us to understand a customer’s motivations and opportunities for saving. Some want greater independence, some just want impact on power costs.”

With solar power installed in Regan’s own home his household makes savings annually of around $3,500 with the annual cost of power an estimated $500.

He suggests making solar power part of the whole build budget when looking at a new build. “The difference between borrowing $600,000, for example, and adding another $30,000 to that is not material in the scheme of things. Most of our customers receive between 9-12 per cent return on their investments.”

The technology used for solar power generation is constantly changing and progressing and the company travels offshore regularly to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest brands and systems. Currently, most of the batteries and panels are manufactured in Asia for companies that are based in Europe.

“We’ve developed our supply chain from scratch,” says Regan. “We shop globally in order to find a product that fits our design ethos. It’s a very fast-moving industry and we’re constantly reviewing and seeking out new products. Very few markets globally can compete with manufacturing proficiency in Asia.”

Infinite Energy was established in 2013 and its services include grid-connected systems, grid-tied hybrid systems with battery backup and entirely off-grid systems for both residential and commercial properties.