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Danish footwear brand, glerups, collaborates with New Zealand woolgrowers.

The widely recognised Danish footwear brand, glerups, collaborates with New Zealand woolgrowers to produce its outstanding range of footwear. QT Magazine spoke to the team at glerups New Zealand.

What are glerups? In 1993 Nanny from Denmark felted a pair of boots for the first time with wool from her own Gotland sheep. The felted boots were well received among friends and family, so well in fact, that Nanny started a small hobby production paving the way for the company today known as glerups.

Why is wool so effective in the production of glerups footwear? Over the years glerups has perfected the wool mix by blending Gotland wool with high quality wool from New Zealand farmers. These farmers meet glerups’ high standards for consistent quality and animal welfare.The company works with farmers every step of the way and follows each pair of glerups from the sheep to a person’s feet. One hundred per cent pure and natural wool is used for all our slippers because the wool is breathable and can capture up to 35 per cent moisture making the footwear feel dry and warm.

What is the relationship between glerups and the New Zealand Merino company? Regenerative agriculture is about creating a better, kinder and more positive future for the planet and glerups’ wool partner from the New Zealand Merino company ZQ programme is well ahead in this area, taking action with farmers. The programme’s regenerative agriculture initiative aims to rebuild land, its fertility and biodiversity by using cultivation methods that support the natural biological processes which has inspired us to collaborate with them.

How extensive is the range? We have three styles with six different colours in the range available in New Zealand. They come in slip-ons, shoes and boots with a choice of the semi-vegetable tanned calfskin leather, natural honey-rubber or black rubber soles.

How popular are they in New Zealand? The glerups brand is available across many parts of the world. Our slippers are known for their exceptional comfort and unique design and they have gained popularity in New Zealand which continues to grow steadily. The positive feedback and reviews we receive from our customers is heart-warming and it is exciting to know that our passion is also reflected in New Zealand.