Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Your Guide to Sustainable & Organic Restaurants

Truth, Love and Clean Cutlery is an international sustainable and organic guidebook highlighting restaurants from 45 countries, including 15 from New Zealand.

New Zealand food writer and contributing editor Lauraine Jacobs says “as a passionate supporter of the small growers, artisan food producers and the continued success of everyone who contributes to the economy of New Zealand’s long history of being a small but vital food production nation, it has been an exciting trip to identify the most ethical restaurants and cafés for inclusion in the guidebook.”

Queenstown’s Sherwood restaurant, along with Fishbone and Amisfield have been singled out and Jacobs says all the restaurants selected are “places were you will know that everyone from the diners to the dishwashers will be treated with respect and love and the food you eat will be made from the very best ingredients, making you glad you’re alive”.

Truth, Love and Clean Cutlery is published by Blackwell & Ruth.