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Juno Gin – a Goddess amongst Gins

Juno Extra Fine Gin is a premium New Zealand gin produced by Taranaki husband and wife partnership Jo and Dave James.

Juno is at the heart of our boutique range of gin and the name represents the wife of Jupiter, known as the goddess of marriage and domestic harmony.  She is linked to the idea of vital force, fullness of vital energy and eternal youthfulness,” says Jo James.

“We use a carefully selected blend of spices and the beautiful Mt Taranaki water to create this extra fine gin of distinction. With well-balanced initial tastes of refreshing juniper and lingering citrus and peppery notes, Juno is built on a generous base of local and exotic botanicals. It’s ideal for making an enticing apres ski cocktail after a big day out on the slopes.”


Juno Winter Dreaming Cocktail

50ml Juno Winter 2020 Gin

20ml Lemon juice (fresh squeezed)

15ml Lychee Syrup/juice (you can get a can of pre pitted from supermarket which we use in the garnish)

10ml Coconut Cream

10ml St Germaine Elderflower Liquor

5ml Heddadura Agave Syrup (plus extra for garnish)

1x Egg White

Rose petals (dried) or small flowers for garnish



Prep garnish first – on the edge of your glass (going downwards) with a pastry brush gently make a line (about 1cm wide) down using the agave nectar. Add dried rose petals gently pressing down so they stick to the side of the glass, have some more on hand for your final garnish too.

Add a pitted lychee to the bottom of the glass as well (you will pour the cocktail on top of this)

Pop the remaining ingredients (Gin, Lemon, agave, lychee syrup, St Germaine, coconut cream) into a cocktail shaker followed by the egg white. Don’t be worried if you see the coconut cream separating it will mix when shaken.

Top with ice and shake hard and fast until the egg white foaming nicely. Double strain into your glass and add the remaining rose petals in a line following the one on the glass.