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The Bella Fashion Experience

Fashion should be fun and interesting, according to Jen Milburn and Marg Caldwell, and that’s the mantra behind their Wānaka boutique store Bella.

The pair have owned the stylish Dunmore Street store for the last ten years and pride themselves on showcasing the pick of New Zealand designers each season.

“Each garment is carefully chosen to effortlessly style with other easy-wear labels instore including gorgeous accessories and footwear,” says Jen. “ From winery weddings to lakeside lunches, our team loves helping women of all ages find the perfect outfit to suit them.”

“There is an exuberant atmosphere in store when we have different groups arrive at the same time and we see women supporting each other as they discover new styles together. They usually leave as friends.”

Bella is entering a new era with two loyal staff members, Rachael Wilson and Eve Thorp, joining the store’s ownership management team. 

“ We see this as a progressive step bringing younger blood, renewed energy and drive into the business that allows Marg and I a little more time out on the golf course,” says Jen.

Rachael comes from a creative documentary film and photography background while Eve has had a nursing career. Both bring their own strengths and experience to Bella’s team.

“ It’s business as usual for Jen and Marg who remain at the helm but now Eve and I are involved at this level there is scope for further development,” says Rachael. “Our database is growing along with our online store thanks to Eve’s expertise and we continue to attract new customers searching for our coveted New Zealand designers.”

“ We feel lucky to be learning the art of ‘considered’ buying from Jen and Marg as they have such a wealth of experience and know what our loyal customers like.”

Bella is recognised for its selection of high-quality lifestyle fashion and accessories which local customers, and both domestic and international visitors to Wanaka appreciate.

“ New arrivals to Wānaka often find their corporate wardrobes are not right for lakeside mountain resort living and the store is renowned for offering exceptional service with our team going above and beyond to make women of all ages, shapes and sizes feel good in what they wear,” says Rachael.

“ It can be stressful looking for a particular dress or outfit for special occasions and because we know our designer ranges so well we can tailor options to ensure the right style and fit for the best results. The confidence our customers get knowing they are looking great is amazing. That really sums up the instore Bella experience.”