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Sustainability Commitment

Sustainable New Zealand lifestyle brand Untouched World, founded by Kiwi entrepreneur Peri Drysdale, was born out of a desire to make a positive impact in the world while producing high-quality clothing to navigate an active lifestyle.

“Our clothes are designed for travel, work and play without compromising comfort or style and thoughtfully designed with pared back silhouettes that remain relevant season after season,” says marketing executive Fiona Bretherton. “Using beautiful natural fibres and earth inspired hues we create collections that connect people with nature in effortless, eco-friendly style.”

Untouched World’s global success is well documented with its unwavering commitment to sustainable practice. It is the first fashion company in the world recognised by the United Nations for sustainability and its own Untouched World Foundation which provides ground-breaking Leadership for a Sustainable Future programmes is recognised by UNESCO as one of three global models in that space. 

“ Our sustainable values have been there right from the outset in 1997 when Untouched World was founded,” says Fiona. “Our customers trust our sustainability efforts and we believe in quality over quantity and doing right by people and the planet.”

High profile world leaders and celebrities from Barak Obama and Hilary and Bill Clinton to Prince Harry and Joanna Lumley have been photographed wearing Untouched World clothing which she says has only added to the brand’s global endorsement.

“An early adopter, Peri could see the benefits of adding value to one of New Zealand’s primary products by developing beautiful merino wool garments that others around the world find appealing. We’re super proud to make ninety-two per cent of our collection in New Zealand with much of that created in our own workrooms which keeps the supply chain simple and transparent.”

“Ninety per cent of the wool is sourced from Glenthorne Station, a ZQ™ certified farm with the highest standards of animal, social and environmental welfare and a leader in regenerative farming practices,” says Fiona. “This beautiful South Island high country farm is just 110 kilometres from our workrooms and their merino wool is used in our Mountainsilk™, Total Easy Care Merino and CoolTree™ collections.”

CoolTree™ is Untouched World’s  proprietary blend of TENCEL™ and ZQRX Glenthorne merino. The soft, temperature regulating super fabric is made entirely from natural fibres that are completely renewable.  

“ It is our coolest and most effortlessly stylish fabric yet featured in our new summer ranges. Its key benefits include temperature regulation, UV protection, odour resistance, wrinkle resistance – it is also long lasting and exceptionally easy care.”

Fiona says the latest ranges are on display at Untouched World Wanaka.

“This is a very relaxing, contemporary designer store . We have an amazing team in Wanaka who provide an inviting and welcoming environment for our customers.”