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Superior Suncraft Systems

After launching Suncraft NZ in Arrowtown just three years ago Josef  Fruhmann and Kate Grubb have already developed a reputation for their high-end European shade systems.

The couple are the exclusive distributors of Austrian made Soliday products in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.

“It’s been an exciting journey and we now offer nine retractable shade systems. Four motorised and five manual options with the motorised systems being the most popular due to their high performance in windy conditions,” says Kate.

“We have an amazing customer base with installations spanning Invercargill to Auckland, Central Otago, Nelson, Te Puke and Hamilton. We also recently installed our first system in Australia and a standout feature of the Soliday interactive design is the ability to customise to each client’s specifications.”

Kate says they are currently offering a new weather station feature which they expect will become popular.

“ We are excited to have integrated a weather station option into our motorised system packages. Now sunshades can be automated to open and close depending on weather conditions, such as a high UV rating, sunlight hours, wind and rain. This is especially valuable during times of high UV exposure.”

“All our systems are installed by Suncraft or certified installers. First the poles, which we hold in stock are installed, then we measure for the fabric and it’s manufactured in Austria and airfreighted to New Zealand,” she says.

“ We prefer to use ground screws to secure the poles instead of concrete foundations as they are much more environmentally friendly. We are in fact working together with the Outdoor Fabric Products Association of NZ to come up with a sustainability plan for the industry nationwide.”

Commercial businesses such as restaurants, cafés and wineries have been early adopters of the state-of-the-art Soliday systems.

“Commercial customers love the ease of operation and not having to worry about adjusting umbrellas throughout the day. They also view them as a design feature that upgrades an outdoor area and attracts customers. Similarly residential customers are always amazed how their sunshade transforms their outdoor space into a comfortable and appealing place to relax in the shade.”

Customers are encouraged to visit the Arrowtown showroom or set up an onsite appointment to discuss the best system for their home or business.

 “Our average turnaround time is six weeks from order to complete installation and the closer summer gets, the busier we get,” says Kate. “People should order early to ensure they can enjoy their new sunshade for the entire summer.”   

Sunshade NZ was recently recognised at the Outdoor Fabric Products Association of NZ Awards for Excellence. 

“As newcomers to the industry we were delighted to receive a Highly Commended Award for our installation of a Soliday CS retractable sunshade in Wanaka,” says Kate. “The quality of entries was very high this year so the win was a huge boost for our small team.”