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Scandinavian Speciality at SLOW

Scandinavian specialist design store SLOW, located in downtown Queenstown is all about sustainable, simple and functional designs. QT Magazine talks to co-owner Marina Blanchard.

What has been the response to the opening of SLOW in Queenstown? It has been humbling to say the least. We have been showered with and spoiled by countless feedback and a heartwarming response from both travellers and local people.  I can’t believe that we have created something that makes so many people smile.

 Has the store concept evolved since its inception six months ago? We are very much driven to showcasing products that represent the future of fashion as a sustainable industry as well as supporting simple and functional designs that embody a strong element of craft and permanency.

We have also changed the system in our coffee studio/eatery, allowing the prep work for our baked goods to be carried out front of customers who enjoy watching their food being made and interacting with our chefs about ingredients or the preparation process.

 How has your background in minimal interior design influenced your purchase decisions for the store? It is very much reflected by the selection of our product range with the majority of labels well considered designs in form and  function these are not just pretty items but are bought to be used and cherished over time. Permanency goes hand in hand with minimal design – it is a simple yet sophisticated style that will allow people to be content with their purchase for years to come. 

 SLOW is home to Scandinavian brand FERM LIVING– what is the key to its authentic and functional design pieces? Quality and authenticity are important to Ferm Living which grew from a small family company to an internationally celebrated brand that is setting the trend through its refined design collections. Based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, they create products that help balance the contrasts of life.

 What are the latest homeware collections in store? In addition to our online store that allows customers to browse the entire design collections on offer, we are restocking the store with our best sellers and new collections from core brands, FERM LIVING, MUUTO, NORMANN COPENHAGEN and EVA SOLO. We also have an entire range of beautiful designs coming to the store, including  brands form Denmark (AIAYU), Norway (NORWEIGN RAIN and MISMO) Sweden (WACAY), New York, LA and London (Nili Lotan, SHAINA MOTE, Vince and LUmei London), Australia (MATIN, VKTORIA WOODS and WHITE STORY)

What is being served in the Coffee Studio and wholefoods eatery this winter? Being a plant-based eatery, our menu is very much seasonal yet balanced nutritionally and always tasty. We are pairing our ingredients, so customers not only leave with satisfied taste buds but also feeling filled and fueled for the day. We are now offering catering options, custom tailored to requirements with special lunch options for local businesses and groups.