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Restoring with Nano-Clear

A prominent New Zealand surface restoration business, Nano-Clear® recognised nationally for their sustainably focused premium products and services has recently expanded into the South Island and QT Magazine spoke to Wanaka representative George Bridgewater about their presence in the Southern Lakes.

What inspired the company’s move to the South Island?

We are a family owned business and just over a year ago decided to bring the Nano-Clear® products and services down south after considerable success in the North Island. With the harsh local environment having an impact on the maintenance and durability of exterior surfaces, demand is growing for what we have to offer.

Why do New Zealand home exterior surfaces break down to the extent of requiring heavy duty maintenance?

Most commonly UV rays are degrading the coatings that are used on our building materials, such as cedar or aluminium, causing a breakdown in the protectiveness of those surfaces from things like water and mould. They can then begin to fail, crack and rot over time.

New Zealand has some of the highest levels of UV in the world due to lower levels of ozone blocking UV, low pollution levels and the fact that the southern hemisphere tilts closer to the sun in summer. UV radiation degrades materials with different intensity and speeds. Other factors contributing to this are chemicals like spider sprays and house wash, limescale in water supplies, cement splashes and salt.

What are the advantages of using the Nano-Clear® system on exterior surfaces?

The system is designed to work on both freshly painted surfaces, wood exteriors and older or oxidised surfaces like window joinery. Because of its extremely low viscosity the Nano-Clear® product fills the pores of old surfaces and then reflects the colour back to the eye, both sealing and protecting the surface as well as returning to the original colour and locking it there for 10 to 15 years.

What other areas around a home or property can Nano-Clear® rejuvenate or repair damage?

Window joinery can be restored to its original colour or completely changed. This works particularly well for houses that have had retro fitted joinery.

Where the old joinery bead is next to the new retro fitted bead can look quite different and Nano-Clear®  will bring them back to looking the same and hold that for years. 

Garage doors supplied in New Zealand often have only a one-year guarantee on the powder coating finish from the original manufacturer. They are usually made of steel which means they rust out when the coating fails. We can clear coat over existing garage doors to make them look good and hold their colour, or we can change the colour easily to suit a new palette.

Nano-Clear®restores fibreglass and alloy boats brilliantly protecting them from UV, salt and fuel spills. It’s also widely used in rural industries to protect machinery from corrosive products such as fertiliser and acids.