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Respect for Nature @ Fjällräven 

 An overriding respect for nature is intrinsically linked to the ethos of Swedish outdoor company Fjällräven whose first New Zealand store in Queenstown targets people who appreciate their environment.

“Our mission is clear and that is to inspire the world to walk with nature and create products that make people feel at home in the outdoors,” says Fjällräven business managerJackson Delaney.

The Fjällräven journey traces back to the 1950s and brand founder Åke Nordin, a young Swedish outdoorsman with a passion for crafting gear to withstand the rigours of the Scandinavian landscape.

“Scoping the outdoors and discovering new places was his favourite hobby, although it became more difficult with the lack of light and functional outdoor equipment,” says Jackson. “So, as any curious mind would, he decided to make his own. From his first invention of an ultra-strong but lightweight backpack to the world’s first functional Thermo Tent and the still best-selling Greenland Jacket Åke knew he had started something revolutionary.”

Decades on Fjällräven continues to expand its global footprint with a recent milestone being the inauguration of its Queenstown store opening in March this year. Jackson says the Shotover Street store is a beacon for adventurers and nature lovers.

“In this vibrant lakeside community surrounded by like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploration and environmental stewardship Fjällräven’s commitment to quality and sustainability has found a fitting home.”

She says although the brand has newly arrived in New Zealand the distinctive red fox logo is familiar to many international travellers and outdoor enthusiasts.

“People often ask why a Swedish outdoor brand is represented by an arctic fox symbol. In Sweden an experienced walker or adventurer who traverses the great Scandinavian outdoors is known as a true Arctic fox, something that Åke Nordin aspired to be when he grew up.”