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A Remarkable Candle Collaboration

Gabrielle Sproul’s beautiful range of soy wax candles, created by her Remarkable Candle Co, reflect her desire to connect and enjoy the spirit of collaboration.

“We make the candles in our garage studio and the whole process has been a community effort – every step from blending scents, sourcing recycled packaging materials to designing the brand. I am blessed with three awesome children and a wonderful partner and wanted to create something that was flexible around my role in the family.This aligns with my values and gives something back rather than just paying the bills.”

Nature is at the heart of the company with each candle representing an aspect of local landscapes.

“We currently have six unique candles including Lindis Lupin, Arrowtown Snow Berry, Goldrush,Thyme & Honey, Bloom and Central Otago Stone Fruit. The stone fruit candle acknowledges the produce, people and history behind it and we recently developed a custom- made candle for Queenstown’s Matakauri Lodge which was a fun and inspiring process.”

The entire Remarkable Candle Co range is sold at the Remarkables Market, often with special deals and gift packs available.

“I love them all and choosing a favourite depends on what mood I am in,” says Gabrielle. “Right now, we’re excited about releasing our Pinot Noir candle for summer and have been loving the Bloom candle for its beautiful romantic floral vibe.”