Monday, April 15, 2024


Reform Fitness Queenstown recently opened in the Five Mile Centre debuting one of New Zealand’s most successful brands of Pilates in the Southern Lakes. Owner and instructor Gemma Tabak trained at Reform OC in Mount Maunganui before relocating to Queenstown in 2022.

“It’s been a long held dream to open my own studio and with my youngest child starting school the time was right to pour myself into the career I’m so passionate about.”

The studio offers beginner and intermediate level group sessions plus PT training and corporate group sessions. Gemma also plans to introduce pre/postnatal group reformer classes and a gold members class for 65+ participants.

 “Qualified instructors Liv McCorkindale, Sarah Norton, Aimee Shallard and myself offer a hands-on approach and have only ten reformers in the studio.”

“This allows us to be client focused and adjust moves to ensure everyone feels comfortable. Slight adaptions can make exercises easy or really difficult which is why the reformer is such a versatile and universally loved piece of Pilates equipment because it’s both incredibly challenging yet low impact.”

The contemporary, purpose built studio, located between the BNZ and Flex Fitness in the Five Mile Centre, has an appealing minimalist aesthetic.

“We’ve installed LED lights behind wall length mirrors creating a soft glow that our clients love and the bathroom has a seated change area. Stackable wall shelves hide belongings out of the way and mellow tunes and candlelight add ambience to early morning and late night classes,” says Gemma.

“Our class environment is inclusive, warm, and welcoming. We want everyone to feel they can jump on a reformer for an epic workout that suits their own ability level.”

Dynamic Results

Personally experiencing the dynamic results of Reform Fitness Pilates was Gemma Tabak’s motivation to create her own studio.

“When I first started to use the reformers the benefits to my daily life were significant and almost immediate. I had better balance, more strength and flexibility and was less injury prone. However the real results came after having my three children with a strong core making a huge impact on my physical wellbeing pre and postpartum. After completing my instructor training I took a leap of faith moving to Queenstown and opening my own studio.”

She says the response to Reform Fitness Queenstown has been heartfelt.

“The feedback is the highlight for me personally. I had a client tell me he has never felt so strong and balanced in his life after only 12 classes. So many clients tell us their lower back pain has all but diminished or their bad shoulder has never been stronger and their posture is much better. This is the reason I love doing it.”