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Queenstown Soap Co at Remarkables Market

Queenstown’s beauty and stunning natural landscapes have been the influence for bespoke natural health business, Queenstown Soap Co. Creator, Ella Kinney, started the business in 2018 and her products are now sold around the country.

“I wanted to create something that was good for your skin and didn’t damage the environment. I thought that soap would be the perfect little product that you could buy for your loved ones, treat yourself with, or take home as a Queenstown souvenir.”

Ella has spent the past 12 months on product development with her natural soap range expanding rapidly.

“Initially I created six unique soap flavours made using a natural vegetable glycerine base and organic oils as this is the ideal combination to make a soap that doesn’t dry your skin out,” says Ella. “Since then, I have developed two different shampoo bars, three liquid soaps packaged in lovely glass bottles and a men’s soap bar with cinnamon and cedar wood.”

The soaps are popular at Remarkables Market and Ella says customers appreciate that they are handmade.

“People love the rose, honey and vitamin E soap which is made with raw honey from my parents beehives on Waiheke Island. They also really like the lavender, honey and goats milk soap which leaves skin feeling extremely soft and moisturised. You can use the soap over your entire body including the face. There is no typical purchaser and I had one very cute little boy at Remarkables Market last year who bought his lucky mother a gift box for Christmas.”

Growing up on Waiheke Island Ella has a real understanding for sustainable lifestyles.

“ My parents were very sustainably minded and recycled, composted and reused everything as much as possible, avoiding plastic wherever they could. Currently, my packaging is all totally compostable, our labels are made from recycled paper, our display and gift boxes are made from wood and all orders are delivered in recycled cardboard boxes. These days, sustainability is very important to our customers and they will pull brands up on using plastic, which is great to see.”