Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Queenstown Pride Pledge

Queenstown is a small town with a big heart which has inspired the Ray White office to become Foundation Partner for the new Queenstown Pride Pledge – an initiative aiming to raise awareness of, and visibility around Queenstown’s “inclusive heart” for all LGBTTQ+ (rainbow) people.

It was launched after the organisers of the resort’s annual Winter Pride Festival recognised the difficulty for rainbow people to see any visible signs that they were welcome and included on a year-round basis, despite strong business and community support for the festival.

Ray White Queenstown sees its relationship with the Queenstown Pride Pledge as a natural extension of its strong family values.

“We’re proud to wholeheartedly embrace the pledge and fly the flag that represents safety, visibility and inclusion for all,” says principal Cam Reed. “It’s important not only in our community, but in recognising the diversity of the tens of thousands of visitors who come here each year.”