Saturday, June 22, 2024


Queenstown Health has a reputation for its integrated approach to healthcare after operating in the resort since 1983 and accumulating a highly experienced team of practitioners in a range of fields.

Chiropractor Neki Patel has been at the helm of the practice for almost 25 years working with many top athletes, including 20 years treating golfers at the PGA Australia. It was here he first coined the idea of integrating a range of services.
“Chiropractors, physios, masseuses and acupuncturists would all work together under one roof treating golfers and there were no walls. It was easy to share expertise and refer a patient to the specialist standing next to you and it made me think why can’t we do this for the public too?”
He says practitioners at Queenstown Health work as a team integrating a range of services and specialist referral sources so that patients can get results as quickly as possible.
Amongst the team are chiropractor Robert Moore and physiotherapist Natalie Murphy who treat some of Queenstown’s and New Zealand’s most successful sports teams and individual athletes.
Robert joined Queenstown Health in 2013 with a wealth of experience from private practice in Australia and is currently president of Sports Chiropractic in New Zealand. As well as taking care of patients in the practice he is assigned to the New Zealand Alpine Ski Team and the Under 20 Ice Blacks.
Natalie is the medical co-ordinator and lead physiotherapist for the New Zealand Ice Blacks and also works with local championship ice hockey side the Southern Stampede. The All Blacks and the Highlanders also count as her clients.
“Both in the clinic and on the field, we co-ordinate players and patients with the health care providers they need,” says Natalie. “The holistic approach enables us to treat a patient and quickly refer them if needed, so that they
have a speedy and safe return to the ice, field or office!”