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Oasis of Wellness

Moss Spa, the recently opened spa at the Five Mile centre is an oasis of wellness, rejuvenation and relaxation with an array of high-quality spa treatments.

Manager Maree Welgus says the contemporary space in the hotel caters for Queenstown locals as well as guests from the new Sudima Hotel which is opening next door.

“The spa incorporates special touches of Queenstown and we look forward to welcoming and establishing long term personal relationships with locals but also have products and treatments to suit the needs of hotel guests who are likely to come from all over New Zealand and hopefully again soon, from all over the world.”

She says Moss staff are professionally trained and dedicated to providing an extensive array of high quality treatments using the every best professional techniques and products – natural, sustainable and ethically produced wherever possible – to leave guests feeling revitalised, refreshed and most importantly pampered.

The spa’s signature treatments use natural ingredients and New Zealand brands are a feature.

“The skincare products are provided by well known Kiwi company Juvenate and are vegan, cruelty free and sustainably and ethically produced,” says Maree. “South African brand Theravene is also on board with their rich botanicals and essential oils which we use in a number of bespoke treatments.”

Moss has three specially designed treatment rooms including a twin room with a signature spa immersion bath.

“This is the very best luxury spa destination for indulging in self-care. We are excited to be offering our facility and treatments in such a beautiful resort as Queenstown.”

Moss Treatments 

  • Ultimate Pamper: Immerse yourself in our bath followed by a full body aromatic relaxation massage to melt away any tension. Then treat your face with New Zealand’s Juvenate range to leave your skin feeling radiant. Combined with your choice of manicure or pedicure. This is the ultimate pamper and will leave you ready to float away. 
  • Couples Collection: A great collection of treatments to spoil yourselves while spending some quality time together. Soak in our bath followed by a 60-minute full body massage to leave you in a state of bliss. Finish with a 30-minute hydrating facial from New Zealand’s Juvenate range. 
  • Detox Tonic: A signature treatment using Pure Source Rotorua Thermal Body Scrub and Thermal Mud to detoxify, deeply exfoliate and relax tired, achy muscles. Start your journey with the thermal scrub, followed by the thermal mud wrap to feed your body with trace elements and ease muscle aches and pains. Continue with your choice of a full body warmed oil massage or a back, neck and shoulder massage leaving you in a state of pure relaxation. A drink is served in our relaxation area to finish your pamper. 
  • Grape Cleanse and Hydrating Milk Ceremony: Your body is primed for a luxurious treat while your therapist rids your skin of rough, dead skin cells using a crushed grapeseed cream cleanse. Warm, rich hydrating milk is then poured over your entire body before you are cocooned in warm blankets for the ultimate in relaxation and hydration. While inhaling the aromas enjoy a relaxing facial massage. Warm, gentle infused mitts remove the excess milk, after which an application of cabernet body lotion, containing red vine leaf extract known for boosting circulation is applied.