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New Virtual Exhibition for Lynne Wilson at Eade Gallery

The colourful and creative world of Lynne Wilson is now  on virtual display at Eade Gallery with a solo exhibition from the much admired Central Otago artist from the 3rd – 31st May, 2020.

This exciting new development of hosting digital exhibitions is the gallery’s response to Covid-19. The artwork available for viewing and purchase via www.eadegallery.co.nz

The ‘Revival‘ exhibition is an eclectic body of work showcasing Raku fired ceramics featuring glass beads, found objects, gold dust and enamel. Some elements used by the artist are remnants of past jewellery collections owned by three generations of women in Lynne Wilson’s family.

Lynne discovered the art of working with clay and the Raku Kiln in 2004. She says the Raku method of firing ceramics is risky and exciting.

“It continues to enthral me. My choice of glazes and instinctive tendency towards lazy lines are representative of my immediate environment but have a universal appeal, as is evident in increasing sales to overseas visitors.”

“ The simple convex shape of my wall plates serve as a canvas to be carved, imprinted and folded to represent landforms or painted with paper clay slurry to create highly textured surfaces with a strong sense of movement.”

She says the ‘Revival’ series has many interesting aspects that speak to a wider audience.

“This follows the Japanese practice of Kintsugi that offers the opportunity to repair and enhance pieces that have already been made but have suffered thermal shock or have failed glazes along with post firing additions of gold leaf, acrylic paint and inks.”

“Curating Revival has caused me to re-evaluate my work past and present, seeing a progression of thought and technique offers a tantalising glimpse of the future.”