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Natural Beauty with Karen Murrell

Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons in the Queenstown Mall is the go to store for leading cosmetic brands and stockists of Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks.

QT Magazine asked company founder Karen Murrell about her personal brand of lip products.

What are your summer highlights?

Summer 2019 is one of the highlights of my career as Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks is rolling out new ten-year anniversary packaging.  It has been four years in the making and I have put much love and time into crafting the perfect canisters and packaging. We can truly say our lipsticks which are a work of art, are equal to if not better, than a big brand lipstick now.

What are the benefits of the all-natural ingredients of the Karen Murrell range?

Any product placed on the lips wants to be natural as you do digest a small amount. How ingredients are mixed and used are critical when formulating a lipstick.  That is why my team has over 30 years’ experience of natural lipstick making.  We use a mix of two hard milled natural plant waxes and add a bee’s wax so the lipstick glides onto the lips. This is infused with evening primrose and natural pigments to give hydration and a vibrant colour.

Is Karen Murrell Blushing Rose an everyday colour?

Yes, I designed this to be the closest to the natural lip colour. This is a lovely weekend colour and is becoming my every day staple.

Which Karen Murrell lipstick will you personally wear this summer?

Karen Murrell Lavender Laughter.  This colour is in my summer wardrobe and every time I wear it people tell me how good it looks –  I love it.