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Natalie Newlands Design Style

Natalie Newlands is the creative director behind Arrowtown based New Lands Studio, and aside from developing her personal brand, the studio’s key pillar is designing bespoke uniforms for businesses wanting to elevate their image with original designs to empower their teams.

Natalie, who formerly owned the acclaimed boutique Angel Divine in Queenstown, has attracted strong endorsement for New Land’s collaborative cutting-edge uniform design with the prominent winery Cloudy Bay.

“We also have collaborations with local companies Sherwood and the Mountain Club who have worked with us to achieve their bespoke looks. Everything is collaborative from concept to colour selection to the final stitch, ensuring uniforms perfectly align with a company’s vision and business objectives.”

Natalie Newlands & Hayley Scott

Natalie emphasises the bespoke design process with sustainability a priority. Her New Land’s uniform design always involves balancing aesthetics with practicality.

“Our skilled team including fashion designers, graphic designers and textile experts is committed to crafting uniforms that are as unique as the brand of a business. We ensure uniforms are durable, stylish and one-of-a-kind, weaving connection and storytelling through the uniform process.”

“The success of our uniforms is rooted in the perfect blend of functionality, design elements and durability for garments that are washed and worn daily,” she says. “We tackle these challenges by combining advanced design techniques, continuous prototype testing and team feedback to refine uniforms until they meet the perfect balance.”

Natalie Newlands speaks at Mountain Club Queenstown

Natalie welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with New Zealand businesses looking to highlight their brand through professional, stylish and functional attire for team members.

“From the initial consultation we delve into a brand’s culture values and its team’s functional needs, integrating these insights into our overall uniform design development, bringing ease to the process.”