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Man of Steel

The overriding philosophy behind the creation of exciting art pieces by Metalworks Wanakais environmental sustainability, providing art that will exist for generations.

For more than 15 years, talented engineer Steve Rumore has designed and crafted metal, iron and steel into either functional home accessories or outstanding works of art.

Steve operates from his professional engineering workshop on Wanaka’s Ballantyne Road where he also works on a range of off-the-shelf home essentials including outdoor fireplaces and braziers, furniture, gates, mailboxes, shelving and fireguards.

But it is his artwork that reflects his imagination and creativity. A range of pieces can be purchased straight from the gallery floor, but Steve also designs and makes stunning, bespoke metalworks. Thought-provoking sculptures and wall hangings are popular and he says that, when it comes to metal, the options are endless.

Metalworks Wanaka is a design and sculpture house backed by a full engineering workshop. For any project, we utilise our design principles and skills to make functional pieces aesthetically attractive. In our current disposable world, predominant orientation, precision and craftsmanship are the primary goals for us in crafting works that will last for generations.”

Customers work in collaboration with Steve on bespoke projects to ensure a piece is the perfect fit for their space and he guarantees a high standard for all his products.

Steve aims to design pieces that captivate attention and soothe the soul, but it’s not just his workmanship that raises the metal bar – the fact that the family owned company is dedicated to environmental sustainability is a significant selling point for clients.

“We are the antithesis of disposable, throw-away, single use or planned obsolescence and our ethos doesn’t just apply to our work,” says Steve. “We use local suppliers and we recycle scrap metals. We undertake repairs and restorations and we only use recycled paper. We even drive electric cars to try and minimise our footprint as much as possible.”

The business has an ‘Artist in Residence’ program that currently feature animal themes by Adam Humphreys of Castle Carvings.

“ Working with a range of artists through this program is a very positive aspect of the business as is working with other local companies such as Linda Scoullar at Alps Admin who provides us with excellent administration support.”

Bespoke Beauty

Premium bespoke sculptures are part of the Metalworks Wanakasignature offering.

For a personal commemoration, a kinetic garden sculpture or a custom conversational piece,Metalworks Wanakacan transform metal, iron and steel into inspired works of art.

“We have a very talented team and everyone adds something special to every sculpture –Max Friday’s passion for design and skill on our plasma cutting table, Nicola Lupachinowelding expertise, Jennifer Rumore’s skills in helping the marketplace be aware of what we offer and Linda Scoullar’s translation of our clients’ vision are all very important elements,” says Steve.

He says the commission process beings with an idea and a vision, followed by an evolving series of concept sketches and then finally, the cutting, welding, grinding and sometimes heating and hammering to complete the form.

“In some cases, we just jump right in and let the piece evolve naturally. We crate and ship pieces all over New Zealand and have an extensive gallery of images to inspire on our website