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Local and Friday Connects Community & Food

A year into business Steph Peirce’s arms-wide-open approach has already inspired hundreds of home cooks from across the south to spice things up in the kitchen. 

Offering a range of services under her Local and Friday brand, which includes a store in Roxburgh, she aims to bring cooking and connection to the community for foodies and non-foodies alike. 

Raised on an orchard in Roxburgh, Steph grew up inspired by the way food brought her community together. 

“Empowered with the knowledge that cooking can be fun and inclusive I spent my 20’s  studying culinary arts, cheffing across New Zealand and Australia and tasting my way through Europe.”

In 2020 Steph brought her skills back to Central Otago where she launched Local and Friday. Now a fixture in the Otago food scene her recipes appear in the Otago Daily Times where she shares her down-to-earth advice and tips especially on seasonal food. 

She says Local and Friday is so much more than just recipes and a shop – it is about bringing connection, wellbeing, and her community together.

“ I created what I wanted to see in our community. I want to be the guide to enable people to bring out their inner confident foodie, to think about health differently. I want people to feel confident to try new things, to play, to explore, to listen to their bodies and to have fun in the kitchen. If I can bring any of these things into people’s lives a bit more then I’m hoping that will flow into the rest of their life.”

Local and Friday’s shop in Roxburgh has a big following from locals and visitors seek it out.

“There will always be a friendly face to greet you and offer personal recommendations for what they know you’ll love,” says Steph. “The immune tonic, salads and granola are the must-haves to those who are in the know but I also encourage people to try my pre-made meals or delicious sweets.”

Steph’s touring cooking demonstrations are yet another way she connects with people, attracting sell-out audiences where she “deep dives” into the techniques and flavours that have made her food so popular. 

“It’s not just my cooking that draws a crowd but also my holistic approach to food. My driver is to empower home cooks, and others keen to learn, to use local and seasonal ingredients alongside what they have in their pantry to get the best out of a meal.”

Local and Friday Scotland Street Roxburgh is open from 8.00am until 4.00pm every Friday. Catering and cakes can be ordered through her website where details on upcoming cooking demonstrations can also be found.