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Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons Q&A

Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons is owned and operated by Queenstown pharmacists Glenn Mitchell and Bronwen Judkins offering a large selection of pharmacy medicines, vitamins, natural health products and luxury skincare. QT Magazine spoke to Glenn about optimal winter wellness.

How important is establishing a supplement routine for winter wellness?

Taking regular supplements is a great way to prevent deficiencies and stay feeling your best. Establishing a routine with taking something like vitamin C helps builds up the body’s immune system to ensure you’re well equipped to fight off colds and illnesses. 

There are a wide range of supplements available for children and adults with the most popular ones being vitamin C, echinacea, Armaforce and Viralex.

Good nutrition versus taking green powders?

The value of eating well and incorporating plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet cannot be understated. Taking green powders helps to boost immunity and ideally should be taken alongside what you’re already putting in your body. The Ministry of Health recommends half a plate of veggies, quarter plate of carbs and quarter plate of proteins a day.

What proactive products can help prepare for the onset of winter or prior to travelling?

Preparation doesn’t have to be overwhelming and taking things like vitamin C, zinc, probiotics, echinacea and vitamin D3 is a good idea. Getting a flu jab is very important. They all help to boost your immunity, enhance your body’s ability to fight off illness and keep you and your whānau safe and healthy. 

For travelling getting immunised against the flu and general immunity boosting supplements are a great idea. Also incorporating energy focused supplements such as vitamin B complex is a great way to better equip your body to withstand the stresses of travel. 

What should people have in their home medicine cupboard?

Having symptom relief in the house before someone falls ill is highly recommended. Some popular products include paracetamol (helpful for headaches, fevers and general pain) and ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory, great for sore throat and achy muscles),  cold and flu relief like cough liquids, throat lozenges, nasal sprays and day/night cold tablets.

Has Covid-19 changed the way people approach their health today?

Since Covid-19 we’ve seen people investing more into their wellness in regard to prevention with supplements, exercise and vaccinations. We offer a variety of vaccinations including Covid, flu, whooping cough and more.

What type of general advice does the pharmacy offer?

We can help with any queries you may have including vaccinations, travel support,

questions regarding medicines, supplements, skin conditions, infections, contraception and pharmacist-only medicines (emergency medication supplies/antibiotics/etc). We are happy to answer any questions people may have over the phone, by email or instore.

What other products are helpful when working in alpine environments like Queenstown?

Being outdoors during winter it’s important to support your body both physically and mentally. For prevention we recommend general immunity boosting vitamins and supplements. Stress relieving supplements like ashwagandha, 5-HTP, some strains of magnesium & L-Theanine are also super important to stay feeling and functioning well during the season.

How big is the team at Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons?

Currently we are operating with a team of five full time pharmacists – Glenn Mitchell, Bronwen Judkins, Philip Lee, Helga Stauffenberg and Louis Harris. We also have a natural health advisor Spring Leung who can assist with any questions about supplements and natural health options.