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Kester Black Launches Skincare

Premium New Zealand ethical cosmetics company Kester Black has launched a new range of high performing, sensory skin essentials that founder Anna Ross claims has customers completely rethinking the cosmetic industry.

“These highly researched, scientifically formulated products in the Kester Black Cosmeceutical Skincare range have active and proven ingredients that deliver incredible results and offer sensory self-care with a holistic approach to targeting skin concerns leaving it happy, healthy and more radiant.”  says Anna who is considered an expert in her field working alongside some of the world’s best manufacturing and formulation partners.

The new range’s first three products include the Skin Drencher Moisturiser, Overachiever Balm Cleanser and The Caretaker Vitamin E Serum.

 “We use active, effective ingredients that are natural or naturally derived wherever possible and all ingredients are traceable, ethically sourced and sustainable. Aroma is an important factor in our formulations with curated scents based on notes that evoke nostalgia. These fragrances are COSMOS certified 100 per cent natural. I believe that looking after your skin should not feel clinical or mundane, so our products and packaging include mood-boosting colours for a more memorable and engaging application experience.”

Global Leader

Anna Ross created her Kester Black ethical cosmetics company with the aim of producing cosmetics and skincare with intention and purpose.

“I moved from Wānaka to Melbourne in 2009 where I started a small jewellery label and when shooting jewellery images I noticed how bad nail treatment ingredients were. It became a personal challenge to see if I could improve these products that had such low sustainability credentials.  Kester Black launched in 2012 with just $50 from my paycheck and slowly built from there.”

Today Kester Black is a global industry leader in premium ethical nail care products and cosmeceutical skincare.  

“Once you start looking at ingredients in beauty products there is no looking back and I wanted to take our Kester Black philosophy into all areas of beauty,” she says. “After five years of intensive research and development we have pivoted the company sideways into the cosmeceutical skincare category which I am really proud of.”

Kester Black founder Anna Ross

“Our customers are passionate about nail care as seen by the incredible sales globally so now it’s time to offer them our level of expertise and low sustainability footprint with skincare – it’s something I’m confident they will love.”

Anna’s ambition is for her skincare products in the Kester Black Cosmeceutical Skincare range to truly perform.

“The Skin Drench Moisturiser is a crowd favourite because of its use of snow mushrooms which draws humidity in from the atmosphere to the skin. It’s packed with peptides, ceramides and hyaluronic acid providing a great balance of hydration and moisture for the skin.”