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JSH Cult Classic

Conceived as a New Zealand take on an original American style steak house Queenstown’s Jervois Steak House is considered a cult classic.

“We have one simple mission – to provide every guest with an unrivalled steak experience,” says JSH marketing manager Kate Simmons.

“A traditional steak house in America is a distinctive and celebratory experience. There are many interpretations of what a steak house represents but simply put it has a beef centric menu featuring seafood, vegetable sides and sauces. We feel there is no other restaurant genre to capture all that is primal in this effect.”

“When we opened in Queenstown’s Sofitel complex we wanted to align the interior to the food offering so guests can expect a lot of natural materials such as leather and wood with earthy tones creating a classic but contemporary look,” says Kate. “Overall the experience, including the service is warm, welcoming and inviting. Our guests are predominately domestic or international visitors and we know they’ve travelled to visit us so we want to make sure it’s worth their effort.”

The JSH menu emphasis is on premium cuts of beef and lamb from New Zealand, Australia and Japan’s best producers. A recent addition – the Greenstone Creek free range grass fed beef scotch offers distinguished flavour and texture and is just one of many popular cuts.

“ Along with our array of cuts and meats and there are particular side dishes such as the JSH signature creamed spinach or our truffle mac n cheese that will always remain on offer,” says Kate. “There is an element of seasonality in our menu which can see some small changes to other main dishes or side dishes.”

“Food trends are always evolving and with the rise of vegan and plant based diets this poses a challenge to a typical steak house offering. We have added more vegetarian meals to cater to more people however we still see strong appetite for a good steak and that’s what we continue to focus on at JSH.”