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Set amongst the spectacular championship golf course and emerging Jack’s Point village the restaurant at Jack’s Point has been relaunched this summer with a fresh approach to all day dining where having fun and enjoyment is very much at the core.

“There is a large and growing community of residents at Jack’s Point that first and foremost we are catering for, alongside our golfers and regional visitors, who are an integral part of the mix out here,” says Jack’s Point food and beverage manager Tony Stewart.

“ People are attracted to Jack’s Point for its wide range of recreational facilities, such as the golf course, the tracks and trails and the beautiful surroundings. The restaurant is an active hub for all of these activities and an amazing place to spend time.”

Tony has overseen the re-opening of the restaurant at Jack’s Point with the same care and precision he executed as owner of the acclaimed Auckland restaurant Clooney. It’s a hand’s on style of leadership that has served the changeover well.

“As a team we really wanted to reinvigorate the food and hospitality offering from where it had been in the past and create a relaxing environment for people to have fun socially. In this setting it’s hard not to have a good time – you would be pushed to find a more beautiful restaurant setting in New Zealand.”

“ The food is fresh and appealing with a broader American style menu of interesting dishes that are little bit of everything to everyone,” he says. “I really like it because it’s a sharing menu without being smaller plates.”

The restaurant is open daily from 11.00am until 7.00pm with evening dining available on Friday and Saturday nights and all day brunch on Sundays. For golfers and early risers there are coffee, juices, teas and take-out style café snacks available from 8.00am.

“ The opening hours reflect how the day flows at Jack’s Point and recognises that our community come here regularly – often three or four times a week. The morning take-out option is ideal for golfers with an early tee off time or locals picking up coffee on the way to school and work,” says Tony. “Our seated restaurant service is from 11.00am through until 6.00pm with drinks wrapping at 7.00pm. This allows golfers to head back in for a beer or wine after their day out and for locals to catch up and unwind after work.”

Sundays at Jack’s Point are reserved for the favourite dining choice– the all day brunch.

“Our owners realised how important the outdoor brunch idea was to New Zealanders so Sundays are all about a relaxed brunch both inside the restaurant and outside on the terrace beside Lake Tewa,” he says.

“The restaurant reset is very much focused on a casual, fun welcoming environment. We have chosen our restaurant team to be our daily ambassadors to fit into this friendly style of personalised service– a lighter approach that provides great service for our guests.”


The team behind the relaunch of the restaurant at Jack’s Point has cultivated a strong connection between the restaurant’s calm and natural surroundings and an innovative food style with dishes cooked over flame.

Amisfield executive chef Vaughan Mabee is the creative lead with newly appointed head chef Mathieu Lagarde overseeing its execution in the kitchen.

Mathieu’s previous role was as executive sous chef at Amisfield and his promotion to head chef at Jack’s Point is well deserved, says Jack’s Point food and beverage manager Tony Stewart

“The menu has been built on a concept of hyper-seasonal and local produce cooked over charcoal. The kitchen has been reconfigured and opened up to allow for greater interaction between the chef and diners and has been fully equipped with specialist equipment for this style of cooking.”

The stylised restaurant menu begins with an engaging bar and appetiser selection that includes a raw seafood section, then separates into categories for salads, pastas, vegetables, beef, lamb, chicken, fish and pizza.

“Each dish is large enough to be its own course or diners can choose one or two from each category to share with the table,” says Tony. “In total there are 18 dishes designed by our team that we believe are just right for our clientele.”

“We have chosen an international range of beer and wine including Amisfield and Central Otago varietals to suit the diverse drinks menu keeping in mind our extended golfing community who have a great appreciation for fine wines and beer. It’s all about exceptional food and wine set in a beautiful location.”