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Introducing Little Mez

A sophisticated new addition to Queenstown’s hospitality scene, Little Mez is the resort’s only dedicated tequila and mezcal bar.

Queenstown’s first agaveria is tucked in an out of the way basement off Queenstown Mall, boasting a bar stocked with an impressive range of tequila and mezcal varietals sourced direct from Mexico. 

Little Mez is the inspiration of Future Hospitality owners James Ace and Bert Haines who say the cosy, speakeasy-style space is a bit off the beaten track but well worth seeking out.

“If people have never heard of mezcal it is time to get to know it. It used to be a bit of a well-kept secret but people are just catching on how interesting this spirit is, a bit like tequila’s smoky cousin.”

Inside the stylish, ambient bar an expert team of mixologists opens up the world of Mexican liquor. The extensive cocktail list showcases everything from delicious twists on cocktail classics to organic wines and Mexican beers.

Site manager Stu Campbell says the smoky mezcal selections are a hit. 

“Most of our guests have been open to trying something a little experimental. You can’t beat a well-balanced drink like a classic margarita, the perfect marriage of sweet, sour, salty and bitter. But, if we’re showing a new customer the style of the bar, the pineapple barbacoa is a fresh take on the smoky old fashioned and is becoming really popular.”

“If margaritas aren’t your thing, get comfy at the bar and sip spirits neat from a shallow, Queenstown-crafted clay cup,” he says. “We also offer a Trust Little Mez drinks option enabling bartenders to create a unique flavour profile to suit individual tastes.”

Situated below its immensely popular sister restaurant Margo’s, Little Mez is the perfect spot for relaxed date nights or a nightcap.