Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Inspiring Business Performance

Wānaka human health strategist Claire Akin-Smith is helping businesses thrive by creating dynamic, cohesive teams through precision wellness and performance coaching.

Claire, a physiotherapist in the UK for many years before arriving to live in Auckland in 2013 and moving to Wānakafive years later, originally worked through her company Applied Movement with people’s physical and movement needs, but has since branched into the health strategy field.

“I recognised that addressing exercise and diet alone do not make a person healthy. Rather there needs to be a systematic approach assessing and addressing every lifestyle factor, which are known as epigenetics, that influence us alongside our genetic predispositions.”

“Thanks to technological advances we can now measure both of these simply and easily,” she says.  “After gaining these insights my role is to enable the individual to take action for their best future, short and long term.”

Claire says she is focused on working with businesses in particular because a team working in harmony always achieves superior results. Her experience has been that whenever a client hits a stumbling block it is related to their work impacting on their life which has led her develop her services to help businesses invest in people as their most important asset.

“ It is harder than it looks for a business to reach a state of collective optimal performance and that’s where we come in. We use biology to identify individual strengths then work with the entire team to align these strengths in a way that elevates the business. We create a culture change on every level resulting in a happy, buzzing workplace that attracts both employees and clients alike.”

Claire says that when every member of a team is thriving the business will thrive too.

“Using comprehensive science-based tools we work with a team to understand and harness their unique biological strengths that ultimately allow for increased collaboration, focus and performance in the workplace. Our coaching is holistic and designed to unlock the realisation of both individual and collective potential.”

Claire’s hands-on results show that when team members feel empowered and supported professionally the effects will be magnified in both their professional and personal lives resulting in a dynamic, cohesive team that not only performs at an optimal level but continues to improve.

“I moved from working with individuals only in their personal lives to their work life as well to have a greater impact as we spend most of our life at work. What we do there will have the greatest effect either positively or detrimentally on ourselves.”