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Inspired by Nature

A new couture collection created by Wānaka bespoke jeweller Alice Herald reflects her ongoing love of nature so prominent in all her designs.

“I see jewels when walking through forests. Nature’s colour, its architecture and quiet energy have such an influence on my design and in the story telling of the fine jewellery I create.”

Her latest collection is inspired by the dahlia flower and is an extension of her original and popular Bouquet Pinky series centring on the orchids she carried at her wedding.

“ I have done other pieces influenced by the rose, jasmine, passionflower and sunflower, flowers that clients have given to me for inspiration, and now the dahlia. It is such an incredible pompom of a flower and has an immense presence and burst of colour I wanted to encapsulate.

The recently launched dahlia collection is displayed in Alice’s Wānaka studio and online.

“There is a central feature ring and earrings for the wow factor for special occasion gifting and wear,” she says. “Several other jewels are designed more for every day using the petal pattern and colours to keep the pieces cohesive.”

Alice says selecting the gemstones took time allowing her to source the perfect colours to echo the intensity of the dahlia.

“ My fantastic suppliers and I worked closely to find the perfect gems. The central Rhodelite Garnet and some sapphires were specially cut so the shape and colour gave true representation. I have designed very cool textured bangles for the first time, along with diamond hoop earrings, which are a definite unique twist on the classics and will cross over the generations.”

Alice Herald’s boutique in Wānaka’s Precinct complex is an open design studio where people can watch her designing her collections and ready-to-wear jewellery.

“I enjoy meeting locals from Wānaka and Queenstown as well as out-of-town visitors and enjoy their interpretation of my work and seeing them interact with the jewels. People love my sprawling design wall featuring current and future inspirations as well as the pieces in motion on the design desk.”

Alice has a reputation for her legacy work, reimagining jewellery and creating new layers of symbolism and history within a jewel.

“ Redesigning old jewels from  forgotten jewellery boxes and giving them a new life and a reason to be worn is important to me. It is wonderful to continue the story and retain the history for future generations.”

The Wanaka studio has a private space for one-on-one design consultations.

“My jewellery has a good following online and I am increasingly finding people see my work then come into the studio to view it first-hand. I also do quite a bit of secret sourcing of diamonds or precious gems with someone’s partner, who then surprises her and we design the piece together. It’s incredibly special to be part of.”