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Innovative Flooring Solutions

One of Europe’s largest flooring companies, Haro Flooring, is making a big impact both in New Zealand and the Southern Lakes, attracting a strong following from both residential and commercial clients.

New Zealand’s exclusive distributors of  the exclusive crafted wooden flooring are based in Queenstown and spokesman, Mike Daish, says architects, interior designers, tradespeople and clients are attracted to the range of products and quality and ease of installation provided by Haro.

The distinctive flooring particularly offers a solution for the Southern Lakes climate and conditions.

“One of the big draw cards is that the wooden floors can withstand underfloor heating to 29 degrees celsius.  It makes wood a real and worthwhile option for floors in this region where warmth in winter is a huge consideration. The 30-year warranty is also very appealing,” he says.

Haro Flooring was established in Germany 150 years ago and is a brand synonymous with quality.

“The German engineered products are precision cut and so easy to install, they come ready to go and just click into place, people can do it themselves or get us or their builders to carry out the installation,” says Mike.

The engineered wood has a 100% solid spruce base with a layer of oak and according to Mike this feature makes the flooring incredibly hard wearing.

He says people who want to instal a wooden floor in their bathrooms can now use one of the new products in the range, Disano, which is a waterproof laminate.

“This new product combines the aesthetic benefits of parquet and laminate flooring with a unique softness and warmth. Cork that looks like wood is also part of the range and a great option for kid’s playrooms or any area that requires a super soft surface.”

Haro has products other than flooring, including wall solutions that are as easy to install.

“We provide a full support system throughout the process and continue to look after our customers after installation,” says Mike. “Our aim is to minimise handling and to run a direct model which brings the price down making Haro very much a value proposition.”