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Hosting Hives in Wanaka

Wanaka beekeeper and entrepreneur Barna Szocsis making exceptional raw, natural honey accessible in the Southern Lakes.

His beehive rental company Tiaki Bees allows property owners to host a hive cared for by expert beekeepers who visit the property once a month to ensure the bees are healthy, well fed and productive.

Popular among beekeeping companies in urban centres including New York, Sydney and Auckland Tiaki Bees has recently introduced the concept to the Southern Lakes.

Barna says the aim is to bring more bees into the immediate environment as most commercial beekeepers locate their hives only in rural areas.

“The main benefit of hosting a hive is giving back to the environment by helping the bees, which are one of the most important living beings on the planet,” he says. “Another huge spinoff is the pollination carried out by bees around the property and the neighbourhood to help the plants, flowers, trees and vegetables flourish. Meanwhile the raw, natural, homemade honey produced is great for human health and is an awesome gift for friends and family.”

After studying apiculture Barna has kept many hives over the years and launched Tiaki Bees in 2020 after the Covid-19 lockdown.

The idea for the venture came when more and more of my friends would ask if they could host a hive on their property and everyone wanted some of the delicious local super food that is raw, unfiltered honey made in their own back yard. So Tiaki Bees was created to help the bees, give back to the environment and encourage healthy, mindful living.”

Commercial pollination is also a component of the company’s service and Barna assists local farms and orchards in boosting their crops.

“Bees play a huge role in our food production in New Zealand –they pollinate vegetables and fruit trees, making sure that farmers have healthy crops each season.”


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