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Homeware Haven in Clyde

Folklore Store in Clyde’s historic precinct is recognised for its outstanding collection of artisan products and the key to the success of the business is its repeat clientele and word of mouth endorsements.

Sarah and Todd Sisson opened the store in 2016 and accompanying Sisson photography gallery in 2017 and say over the past 12 months they have sourced an assortment of exciting new items as well as making other significant changes.

“Compared to the business three years ago the range has increased remarkably and probably tripled over that time,” says Todd. “We tend to carry a lot more products to ensure the store is always changing with something fresh and new for our customers.”

Folklore Store is best known for its collection of diverse artisan products for the home, with an emphasis on natural materials.

“We are constantly searching for those special pieces of craftsmanship from different people that are not readily found elsewhere – we really strive to keep that point of difference going,” says Sarah. “I always get excited when people find something that they absolutely love and want for their own home, because it’s nice to share things we are passionate about and know that they are going somewhere else where they will be appreciated.”

Folklore Store is in Holloway Street and has a reputation for its tailored shopping experience which attracts people from all over the world.

“Our repeat clientele has been amazing as have the word of mouth endorsements. We get people from all over saying they have been told to come and see the store,” says Sarah. “We’ve been surprised and humbled by the response. It’s a very welcoming store and our team offer a genuine, down to earth shopping experience with plenty of assistance to find the perfect piece.”

Clyde is increasingly becoming a popular visitor destination with a growing collective of boutique shops, galleries, café’s and restaurants and Folklore Store is an important part of the mix.

“Clyde has quietly consolidated as an attractive place to visit that is not overcrowded, with laneways that are great to wander,” says Sarah. “The businesses share a vision for the town as a lovely place to spend time shopping and dining.”

Folklore Online

Many of Folklore Store’s sought-after products can be purchased online at their recently upgraded website –

“We have expanded the online offering so people who have come from a distance to shop can now continue to do so,” says Todd. “This is essentially like a second store and some products are only available online. We want people who have enjoyed the Folklore experience to be able to purchase at ease and continue to discover something new.”