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Holistic Health for People, Dogs & Horses

Queenstown health specialist Amy Hasloch is generating demand for the holistic benefits of Bowen and FLOWpresso therapies for her clients which include people, horses and dogs at her Free Rein Therapies clinic in Frankton.

“My clients are people struggling with pain, restricted movement and lack of sleep who want to return to living their life with freedom of body, mind and spirit.”

“Dogs who limp, can’t move, get out of bed easily or climb stairs benefit hugely as the therapy gets them active and subsequently for a longer life. Horses who are sore to touch, struggling with saddles or with limited movement are also prime candidates.”

Drawing on her own experiences of Bowen therapy after suffering from repeated back injuries Amy trained with Smart Bowen in Australia followed by FLOWpresso in New Zealand.

“I am a food technologist by trade and while travelling overseas had a lightbulb moment to retrain in these amazing therapies that had changed my own life,” she says. “The training included lots of theory, exams, hands-on therapy and case studies and it took three years for me to become fully qualified.”

Returning home to Queenstown in 2021 she established the Free Rein Therapies clinic at Country Lane in Frankton with her aim being to provide long term benefits to people and animals in pain.

“Smart Bowen therapy works to reduce pain, improve repair injuries and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system while providing lymphatic drainage. Ultimately it triggers the body to heal itself with continued positive changes. People really relax during treatment and it’s not uncommon for them to drift off to sleep. Animals are also very good at falling asleep during treatment or immediately afterwards.”

“FLOWpresso is a breakthrough non-invasive therapy that delivers a sensory treatment via an innovative bodysuit. It helps to restore the natural biological balance allowing the body to repair, recover and rejuvenate improving sleep quality, reducing stress and improving energy.”

Amy says sessions typically last 40 – 60 minutes with no doctor referrals required.

“I treat people and dogs out of my clinic and travel to visit horses for their treatments. My clients are achieving great results and seeing positive changes and my goal is for them to be in such a great place that I eventually only need to see them for maintenance sessions. When we’re in pain it can be hard not sink into negativity so it’s great to be able to offer creditable solutions and alternatives that work.”