Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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High Performance Solar

With a range of customised solar energy solutions to suit any home, commercial premises or buildings Cromwell business Infinite Energy’s clients are reaping the rewards of their solar systems.

“Taking control of your home’s energy future is empowering,” says general manager Regan Heal. “Our clients often discover there’s a multifaceted feel-good factor about installing a system that addresses their energy consumption, is good for the environment and provides financial gains. Performance data from solar energy home installation shows first year savings can be over $2000.”

Infinite Energy specialises in a wide variety of solar power technologies including gird connected systems, grid tied hybrid systems with battery back-ups and off grid stand-alone systems.

“Our aim is to make solar more available to a broad market by making it desirable and simple to choose. We work with clients from conception through to installation to deliver impressive results,” says Regan.

The company was recently commissioned to design and install a solar and battery system for a local client who works from home and experiences regular power outages. Regan says the client required critical back up power to continue working during network disruptions.

“At the time of the installation the client was also planning to install a large outdoor pool and spa powered by an electric heat pump. So, it was a complex brief that required accounting for the additional loading to deliver enough energy to maintain the pool at a relatively constant 28 degrees and be cost effective.”

“The system we installed covered the critical loadings and was also wired via a secondary main switch to become active during a network outage. The Sungrow SHK-30 inverter is designed to isolate from the network during an outage and continue to operate without contact with the grid. This ensures any generation from our solar array is still captured and the battery continues to operate storing and delivering energy for critical loads.”

Regan says the first-year generation from the bespoke set up was anticipated at 14,778kWh, which if all the energy was self-consumed, would generate a saving of $4900.

“After the first full year our client has generated an 8.8% return on his initial investment and with refinements we expect further savings. The solar power system and lithium-ion batteries means he is guaranteed energy supply for at least the next 25 years and he is protected from rising energy costs.”

“Based on generation modelling we expect the entire investment will have paid for itself within eight years and create savings for the life of the solar system at a whopping $50,000 plus. It’s an excellent result all round.”