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Health & Wellbeing at Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons

Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons, located in the heart of central Queenstown, has a reputation for creating a significant resource allowing customers to manage their own health and wellbeing.

Pharmacist and co-owner Glenn Mitchell says the variety of collective experience, skills and interests his team plays an important role for both locals and visitors to the resort.

“Our staff provides a range of knowledge and expertise from accessible public health to natural health and wellness guidance.”

Pharmacist Sara Ammar joined Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons last year after completing a master’s degree in health inequalities and public policy at the University of Edinburgh. Previously she worked at Wellington Hospital which provided her with a broad clinical base.

“First and foremost, I’m interested in medicine management and assisting in the best outcomes for our customers. It’s important people educate themselves effectively, there is so much information online, but unfortunately a lot of misinformation too.  We’re here to talk with people if they need advice or clarification.”

“We provide an easy, convenient and accessible health service. Between the six pharmacists at Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons, we have different areas of interest and expertise – offering a holistic approach in managing peoples’ health and wellbeing.

Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons, health services are numerous and include UTI treatment, the emergency contraceptive pill, Sildenafil, AIA vitality health checks and much more.

Harnam Sudan has been a pharmacist for Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons, for many years and is a natural health specialist.

“Diet has a huge impact on individual health outcomes. One of my major focuses has been exploring how plant-based nutrition aids in overall health and in preventing degenerative disease. There are cases when diet is deficient or people are predisposed to a particular condition and this is where nutraceuticals come in.”

The main four deficiencies are –

  • Magnesium – aids in sleep, sore muscles and muscle recovery
  • Zinc – aids with resolving issues and slow wound healing
  • Vitamin D – regulates the immune system
  • B12 – aids in normal blood and nerve function and in resolving fatigue and dizziness

Harnam encourages people with an interest in natural health to  call into Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons, and discuss specific concerns.

Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons, on the  corner of The Mall and Rees Street is open seven days a week from 8:30am – 10.00pm.

Sun Smart for Summer

Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons, has everything needed for protection from the sun this summer, from hats and sunglasses to a wide range of sunscreens and after sun care. Pharmacist Sara Ammar says the use of physical sunscreens is on the rise due to concerns over the negative effect chemical sunscreens may have on the environment.

“The main message is that unprotected sun exposure is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer,” says Sara. “ So using broad spectrum sun protection is invaluable if you’re spending time under New Zealand’s harsh sun rays.”

Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons provides a range of physical and chemical sunscreens to cater to individual customers.