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Health Clinic Pushes Boundaries

Queenstown Health was launched by chiropractor Neki Patel almost 30 years ago and its current mix of therapists remain committed to his original vision to provide a patient-oriented clinic with the best possible care.

“Theintegration of chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage with a huge base of specialised referral sources is always used to help our patients in the optimum way, not only for treatment but also for advice and quick referral,” he says.

Neki leads a highly qualified and proactive team who are engaged in the community, particularly with sports groups, and he personally has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to treating athletes.

“I have worked over the years with PGA Australia, Commonwealth Games athletes and the All Blacks to name a few and am one of just two chiropractors in New Zealand with the Internationally Certified Sports Chiropractor (ICSC) postgraduate qualification. This includes sports science, extremity manipulations, soft tissue, tapping and rehabilitation catering for international sport teams.”

He says Queenstown Health is on the cutting edge when it comes to staff qualifications, their experiences in the community and their ability to work as a focused team.

“Our clinicians are always ahead in their own respected field of healthcare and are always upskilling in their education to provide our patients with the best services.”

Physiotherapist Natalie Haines

Natalie joined Queenstown Health from the UK in 2012 after graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physiotherapy. She is currently finishing her postgraduate studies in Health Science Rehabilitation which includes hand and upper limb therapy and pain mechanism and management. Natalie has been the lead physiotherapist and medical co-ordinator for the New Zealand Ice Blacks ensuring the athletes were at peak performance level for their World Championships competitions from 2014-2017. In 2017 the team was world runner-up taking out the silver medal.

Chiropractor Srujana Rao

Srujana is pursuing a postgraduate qualification in paediatrics via the Australian College of Chiropractic Paediatrics, Australia’s leading and internationally well recognised post-graduate chiropractic paediatric training programme. The up -to -date evidence-based management and treatment programme is a key feature and will allow her to specialise in caring for children from birth onwards.

“Chiropractic is natural, gentle and safe and can help babies who suffer from colic, are unsettled or who have had an intervention during labour and so much more,” she says. “It can also support physical development of a child’s spinal curves which sets them up for life.”

Chiropractor Haresh Patel

Haresh has an avid interest and experience in treating athletes and is studying for the postgraduate qualification as an Internationally Certified Sports Chiropractor (ICSC). Once achieved he will join Neki Patel as one of the few chiropractors with this qualification in New Zealand.

“I am fascinated by how dynamic the human body is and passionate about the role chiropractic plays in enhancing the performance of every aspect in our lives.”

Haresh is involved in the New Zealand Ice Hockey League (NZIHL) with the Skycity Stampede, the Southern Football League (SFL) with the Queenstown Rovers and many other elite athletes representing New Zealand on the world stage.

Queenstown Health services are available from clinics in Queenstown, Frankton and Arrowtown, open Monday to Saturday.