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Hatching Global Investments

In 2018 Hatch co-founders learned that ambitious Kiwis want new ways to grow their wealth to meet their lifestyle goals.

Enter Hatch and their digital platform that is bringing exciting investment opportunities to New Zealand. Backed by Kiwi Wealth, Hatch offers affordable access to almost 4,000 companies and funds on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq.

A growing community of savvy Kiwis

The Hatch team is witnessing exponential growth with more than 90,000 customers and over half a billion dollars invested in the US share markets.

Before Hatch, Kiwis had no choice but to go through expensive brokers or investment companies to access the US share markets, but now, using a mobile phone or laptop, they can manage their investments from the comfort of the sofa, office or even the mountain.

Kristen Lunman, co-founder and general manager of Hatch, is keen to see Kiwis grow their wealth by backing the brands, businesses and industries they know and believe in.

“Global brands such as Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are hugely popular investment choices as Kiwis are so familiar with their products and services. Benefiting from the success of these companies is exciting for Kiwis. Lululemon or Nike fan? Now you can own a slice of these businesses as well. Interested in emerging industries? You can become a shareholder in clean energy, the future of food, or cannabis. It’s never been easier to be an investor.”

Why invest in the share markets?

With the right habits, you can grow the money you invest by around 10% per year over the long term. If you invest $10,000 in the stock market today and it gains roughly 10% per year, you will turn that $10,000 into almost $20,000 in just seven years. Or, imagine a longer-term example, and you invest $10,000 into the market every year for 25 years. That $10,000 investment per year for 25 years would be worth over $1,000,000 (assuming an average 10% gain per year).

Bottom line: through regular investing in the share markets and with patience, you have potential to grow your funds significantly.

Hatch is designed to help you succeed

While growing long-term wealth can take time, learning how to start investing need not. Hatch is designed to help you learn and succeed with helpful tools, webinars, articles and courses. The company was first in the market to launch a free ten-day Getting Started Course, teaching tens of thousands of Kiwis everything they need to know to take their first steps with self-directed investing.

With straightforward pricing and no ongoing monthly subscription fees, Hatch is one of the fastest-growing investing platforms in New Zealand.

“We are continuing to attract Kiwi investors who want a fair service at a fair price with exciting options,” says Kristen. “We definitely believe we are well positioned to be a dominant player in the industry in New Zealand.”

 Note: Calculations are based on S&P 500 index historical returns. Does not include adjustments for inflation. The share markets will go up and down and may not achieve 10% average annual growth in the future.