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Growing Memories

Southland tree nursery Easy Big Trees makes, as its name suggests, installing fully grown trees easy creating an instant, mature and impressive landscape to provide value for generations to come.

Spokesman Barney Harrison says Easy Big Trees is an established family business, providing trees for locations such as Millbrook Resort and The Hills near Arrowtown, along with private residences throughout New Zealand to homeowners looking to enhance and maximise their investment. 

“The impact a well-maintained and established landscape has on a property’s value and return is well understood.”

He says it takes just three to five days from nursery to property.

 “Within this timeframe we carefully transport trees using our tree carrier and recommend installation via our professional partners to plant an advanced grade heritage tree. Our range of containerised trees up to and over 20-years-old, known as the Harrisons’ Heritage Collection, are available now for planting.”  

Providing trees for generations is something Chris, his father Chris Harrison and brother Ryland Harrison know all about at Easy Trees.

  The Harrisons Heritage Collection is named after Barney’s great grandfather Richmond Harrison who started the family business over 100 years ago and is considered one of the pioneers of the industry in New Zealand. 

“Richmond started out in 1918 selling seeds from a catalogue.  There was no colour photography in those days so the catalogues were full of wonderful hand drawn pictures instead.  It must have worked as we’re still here and although today’s business is a bit different from Richmond’s, it’s based on the very same principles – to supply the best quality trees and shrubs.”

He says their Southland grown trees and shrubs are hardy and have a role to play throughout Central Otago as well as the rest of New Zealand.

“They can handle the heat of a dry Cromwell summer and the icey depth of an Arrowtown winter. Invercargill is an ideal place for a nursery and we know trees grown here do well throughout the country.”

Barney says there’s something about planting a tree with young children and watching them grow together. 

“Over the years the tree serves as a reminder of fond memories and legendary family stories.”

Easy Big Trees has an extended range of deciduous, evergreen and natives available. Visit which also includes information about the trees and how to care for them.