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Good for Body & Soul

Wanaka’s Dripping Bowl food caravan is spearheaded by professional chef Evelyn Vallillee and Fresh Link owner Jesse Herbert who launched their take-out business in 2021 with an ethos of food good for the body and the soul.

“The balance has really flipped in terms of unhealthy fast-foods and we knew people wanted better nutritious offerings,” says Evelyn. “Creating access to healthy foods including wholefoods, paleo, keto, vegan, veggie or refined sugar free options has been our aim.”

Originally from Canada Evelyn studied herbal medicine and has a lifelong interest in improving health through plant-based whole foods. This is reflected in the Dripping Bowl’s take-out food that has developed a strong following.

 “We serve a delicious selection of acai bowls, buddha bowls, smoothies, cold pressed juices and organic coffees and tonics alongside Good Roots raw treats. It’s fast, healthy approachable food people can indulge in knowing their body is being served well. Our regulars include local athletes, tradies, mums and those working to stay fit and healthy.They really trust our quality.”

Mushroom Latte at The Dripping Bowl, Wanaka

Evelyn ensures there is an equal serving of macro nutrients in every bowl served.

“The buddha bowls are filled with plant-based proteins, good carbs and fats, ferments, brown rice and mesclun. Our flavourful sauces, including chimichurri and chermoula, are full of antioxidants and immune supporting ingredients like tumeric, cumin, ginger and garlic to boost the system.”

“Our mushroom coffees are super popular made using reiki and shitake mushroom powders, ashwagandha, cacao, maca, Canadian maple syrup, house-made coconut milk with Common Ground coffee poured over. The mushroom adaptogens support the adrenal system throughout the day stretching that coffee buzz out.”

“The smoothies are nourishingly balanced with a healthy sprinkle of micronutrients and digestive enzymes including soaked chia seeds and toasted buckwheat on top to kickstart your digestive system,” she says. 

Evelyn and her team are dedicated to sharing their love for good food.

“We had an astounding summer and winter season with so much support from locals and out of own visitors. So many heart-warming stories shared and connections made while serving delicious coffees and nutritious food.”
The Dripping Bowl, sited at 28 Anderson Road is open Monday to Friday 7.00am – 4.00pm and weekends from 8.00am – 3.00pm.