Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Good Change Revolution

Following the success of their award-winning eco cloths and bamboo wipes in New Zealand and Australia, the Tauranga founders of Good Change are pushing ahead with the launch of another innovative eco-friendly cleaning range.

Kristy Hunter and Stine Smith have been working with some of New Zealand’s leading scientists for the last 18 months to develop New Zealand’s first-ever refill benchspray concentrate tablet that is truly effective. Using tablets for cleaning sprays means Kiwis can use an existing bottle and tablet and just add tap water, eliminating the need for ongoing single-use plastic bottles or refill pouches.

“In our research we found the average household uses 30 bottles of cleaning spray every year (across all-purpose, bathroom and kitchen). With an estimated 1.87 million households in NZ, that’s around 56 million single-use plastic bottles heading to landfill each year,” says Stine.

If we can replace 10% of that, we’ve removed more than 5.5 million plastic bottles from landfill and potentially our oceans. Small changes make a difference!”

“Beyond the plastic waste, using tablets addresses another sustainability issue. Normal spray cleaners consist of around 90% water so that’s more than 21 million litres of water we’re driving around our beautiful country each year – almost 345 forty-foot containers! Aside from how crazy it sounds to drive water around, think of how much carbon is produced by these trucks! It doesn’t make sense to us and we want to change it,” Kristy says. 

Manufactured in NZ and using essential oils and NZ botanicals such as Kawakawa and Kanuka, the Good Change Tablet Refills were put through stringent tests by scientists to ensure they were truly effective at cleaning.

The refill tablets are the first product of their kind developed and made in New Zealand, created for Kiwis who want to make a good change. 

The new Good Change cleaning tablet range includes tablets for all-purpose, bathroom and kitchen sprays, each packaged in a home-compostable sachet.

The Good Change custom-designed glass ‘Bottle for Good’ is also available for purchase. Available from and selected homewares stores around NZ.