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Goldfields Jewellers Celebrate

Goldfields Jewellers is celebrating its 21st anniversary under the ownership of long-term locals Trond and Anna Johansson and today is the only Queenstown CBD retail jewellery store with an onsite workshop.

“When we bought the business we installed the workshop, introduced diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls and the store’s emphasis switched to custom-made jewellery such as engagement and wedding rings,” says Trond.

 Trond’s reputation and expertise as a master jeweller quickly built a following.

“ It is surprising the number of people who come to Queenstown to propose and commission a locally made engagement or wedding ring to celebrate the occasion. It’s a huge part of our business creating bespoke designs that stay in a family for years.”   

After Kiwi director Peter Jackson filmed the Lord of the Rings series in Queenstown the movie merchandise became popular and 20 years on Goldfields Jewellers stocks a full range of Lord of the Rings jewellery which fans love.

Trond’s talent for classic and modern jewellery design is well recognised.

“When we first took over Goldfields, Princess cut diamond engagement rings were very much in vogue and as trends go nothing beats the simple elegance of a beautiful solitaire diamond ring. These days there is a wide variety of requests which I really enjoy. Every day is different and you never know what thoughts and dreams the next client has for their unique piece. Much of my time is spent repurposing heritage jewellery pieces into more modern interpretations.”

Swedish Connection

Growing up in Sweden Trond cross country skied from the time he could walk and was loved boats and sailing. 

Goldfields owner Trond Johansson applied to attend the Swedish Jewellers School when he was just 16 and graduated in 1970 subsequently becoming a Master Jeweller three years later.

Fast forward to 1976 and he arrived in Australia on a sailing boat before heading to New Zealand on a working holiday. Seven years later he was working in Auckland with a team of jewellers designing and making his own range of jewellery exported to over 15 countries globally. 

“There’s so many facets to working in the jewellery industry and I’ve been involved with most,” he says. “There’s always something new to learn and you get to make nice things for nice people.

“Eventually I moved to Queenstown to put down some roots which felt like coming home in a way with the scenery, mountains, snow, skiing and sailing. Two of my great loves in one place. Growing up in Sweden I cross country skied from the time I could walk and always loved boats and sailing. 

Trond Johansson

He met and married Anna in 1999 and together they raised their children Grete and Jack. In Queenstown he raced in the business house sailing series on Lake Whakatipu and frequently skied at Coronet Peak. 

When the opportunity to buy Goldfields Jewellers in the Queenstown Mall from Dave and Judith Cleghorn in 2001 the couple jumped at the chance.

Today Trond and Anna are grateful the business continues to be supported by many loyal locals and visitors.

“Support from locals and people from around New Zealand over the last two years has been fantastic,”  says Trond. “I’ve never made so many wedding and engagement rings in my life, and people have come out of the woodwork, having raided the family jewellery boxes, with pieces they’d like re-worked into more modern interpretations.” 

“There’s so many facets to working in the jewellery industry and I’ve been involved with most. There’s always something new to learn and you get to make nice things for nice people.

“We’ve come full circle moving back into the Queenstown Mall opposite where we started out 21 years ago and its exciting to be marking our 21st celebration.”