Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Going Slow in Queenstown

Innovation and sustainable design are at the forefront of an experiential store recently opened in Central Queenstown.

Slow is a design, furniture, beauty and fashion concept developed by Martina Blanchard and Sunny Wehrle, based around living an authentic life. Unearthing design-led products exhibiting contemporary lines and enduring style, the pair have chosen to focus on stocking functional objects rather than following fleeting trends.

 “Our backgrounds include fashion, hospitality, interior design and social science academia,” says Martina. “The idea of Slow unfolded a year ago to create a coveted space that would foster meaning and purpose rather than just a retail transaction. This combines my passion for slow design and minimal interior styling with Sunny’s vast experience in the apparel industry. It is driven by ethical and sustainable garment production.”

The pair have handpicked design brands to highlight their core values of permanency, quality, attentive craft, sustainable practices and social awareness.

“Simple, minimal, functional items with great attention to detail and materials make up our selection. This includes internationally recognised fashion brands seen for the first time in New Zealand like Norwegian Rain, the Tom Wood Project from Norway, Aiayu and Frama from Denmark and Sydney Brown from the US. We have beauty brands Monastery Made from San Francisco and Rudolph Skincare from Denmark plus household names Vince, Re/Done denim and Levi & Co.”

 Martina and Sunny have treated the store as their own personal space striving to create a balanced informal retail experience.

Everything in the store is for sale including shelving and display units.

“We’ve used  soft lighting options, textures and purposeful flow to create a gallery like showcase of products, grouped by theme and function where you can spend time exploring and discovering.”

Located at 83 Beach Street, Queenstown Slow also features a coffee studio and wholefood eatery in an exclusive collaboration with Frama Copenhagen.