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Fourth Generation Growers

Easy Big Trees have been growing high quality plants and trees for over 100 years and the Southland horticultural enterprise is the largest of its kind in the South Island.

“We offer an extended range of the highest quality plants and trees, all expertly cared for with the wisdom and experience that comes from being a fourth-generation family business,” says sales and marketing manager Barney Harrison.

The Harrison family first started growing plants in 1918 and today their extended collection of natives, deciduous trees, fruit trees and shrubs are grown on over 30 acres in Southland.

“We supply plants for all property sizes but our speciality is large gardens catering to almost everything needed for clients to create their own world of beauty.  People are often surprised how big the trees are,” says Barney.

“The Harrison’s Heritage Collection of advanced age specimens can be up to 20 years old, so people can choose a mature oak tree and we’re able to transport and plant it in their garden. These large scale specimen trees create an instant, storied aesthetic to any garden environment.”

Easy Big Trees deliver to the Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago region on a weekly basis.

“The Queenstown-Lakes area is very well-known to us. Take a stroll around Millbrook and other local residences including The Hills and chances are the trees have been by supplied by us. A number of these projects are viewable on our website, all in glorious technicolour particularly in autumn when the region really comes alive.”

Orders can be placed with Easy Big Trees in person or online and the company also operates a grow to order service.

Our website contains a treasure trove of information, including an easy-to-use filtering option to help identify the plants by desirable characteristics, such as those that attract birds. There is advice on what plants are suitable for and information about several completed projects. We are always happy to help answer questions and offer advice over the phone, by email or here at the nursery,” says Barney.

“For large numbers of plants, bookings are advisable at least nine months in advance. Our grow-to-order service grows the number of plants you want to the specified height, making sure they reach the size required.”