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Food & social buzz at Yonder

An original 1882 Queenstown stone cottage is home to Yonder widely upheld as an essential part of the daily brunch and coffee DNA for Queenstown locals. Co-found Gary Livesey encourages visitors to discover for themselves what the restaurant is all about.

“This summer it’s our mission to invite visitors to come into the CBD, sit amongst some characterful locals on our sunny patio and get a real sense of what culture Queenstown has to offer. While you’re at it get one of our banging cocktails.”

With its people watching courtyard out front and a conservatory inspired space in the back Yonder is the home of culture with no such thing as a typical night. On any given week visitors can be treated to a local comedy night, international touring artists, burlesque performances or festival-headlining DJ sets.

Gary says the restaurant oozes soul, some great design, good music and even better banter.

“The good news is that we are back for summer with a fresh dinner menu. It’s casual food done right with vibrant flavours and real hospitality that aims to make everyone feel like a local at our place. After six years of keeping it authentic our long-time locals already know we’re so much more than one of the best brunch spots.”

The space is something of a well-designed Tardis, with original features in the historic cottage morphing into the bigger restaurant and bar area, complete with greenery and a wall mural designed by renowned street artist Andrew J Steel.

“When you’re sitting there nursing your drink after dinner the room transforms, tables disappear, lights swing around and before you know it you’re in a crowd singing along to a song you didn’t even know you knew by a band you now love,” says Gary. “No-one gets how we do it but we do everything and we do it well.”

Melting Pot Menu

A hearty dinner and cocktail menu add to the changing face of Yonder starting with early morning caffeine hits through to nighttime partying.

“Yonder is a melting pot of Queenstown locals, music, art and life and our menu reflects that,” says co-owner Gary Livesey.

“It’s about time after everything we’ve been through in the past couple of years. We’re back with some long-time favourites like the classic Yonder brisket – 350gms of big and beefy slow-cooked BBQ brisket with pickles, Dijon and fries – or an unapologetically banging cheeseburger.”

Fresh options are chicken schnitzel, Ssamjang eggplant, and vegan or beef cheek tacos, while shared options include the unusually named Dadinho De Tapioca.

“Our head chef is Brazilian and this is a traditional and delicious dish with deep-fried halloumi and tapioca bites dipped into a homemade sweet apple chilli sauce,” says Gary. “Get amongst it.”

Gary Livesey / Yonder owner